Craft cannabis grown locally

Organic cannabis grown with clean water, living soil, and sunshine!

Here at Gnome Gardens, we wanted cannabis grown naturally, so we set out on a mission to do just that!  We utilize biologically sound principles to farm, and integrate permaculture principles into everything we do.  This means sourcing and cultivating clean soil alive with microbes, fungi, and locally derived sources of nutrients.  We grow in accordance with the seasons, and allow our plants their full expression in our greenhouse garden.  Alongside our cannabis, we cultivate seasonal veggies for our family and our community food bank.

Founded by Jared Otto and Danae Beechley in 2021, we are a small cultivator located in Anaconda, Montana.  We provide quality organic cannabis to local dispensaries.

Sustainable Practices

We base our business on the 3 Pillars of Sustainability:

  • Environmental: causing no harm and becoming an integrated piece of our local natural environment through our farming methods
  • Economic: developing a viable economic model for ourselves and our employees
  • Social: becoming a valued company within our local community by contributing to others


Organic Ingredients

Our dynamic cultivation practices incorporate only organically derived materials (from plant and animal sources) which build rather than degrade the soil and the ecosystem around us.

Amazing Results

Delicious, high quality cannabis you can feel good about!